Netzgewahre Regelung & regelungsgewahre Netze

Project Period: 2016-08-01 – 2019-07-31
Externally Funded
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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

5 Publications

2018 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 2476
Modelling Time-Limited Capacity of a Wireless Channel as aMarkov Reward Process
B. Shiferaw Heyi, H. Karl, in: Proc. of IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), 2018.
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2018 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 3217
DeepCAS: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Control-Aware Scheduling
B. Demirel, A. Ramaswamy, D. Quevedo, H. Karl, in: 2018.
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2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 15741
Deep reinforcement learning for wireless sensor scheduling in cyber–physical systems
A.S. Leong, A. Ramaswamy, D.E. Quevedo, H. Karl, L. Shi, Automatica (2019).
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2022 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 30793
Multi-agent Policy Gradient Algorithms for Cyber-physical Systems with Lossy Communication
A. Redder, A. Ramaswamy, H. Karl, in: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, 2022.
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2021 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 24140
Distributed optimization over time-varying networks with stochastic information delays
A. Ramaswamy, A. Redder, D.E. Quevedo, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (2021) 1–1.
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