Thoughts on Social Design

W. Trockel, C.-J. Haake, in:, J.-F. Laslier, H. Moulin, R. Sanver, W. Zwicker (Eds.), Studies in Economic Design, Springer, Heidelberg, n.d.

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One of the fundamental problems in applications of methods and results from mechanism design and implementation theory is the effective enforcement of theoretically established equilibria by which social choice rules are implemented. Hurwicz (2008) and Myerson (2009) introduce different concepts of formalizing enforcement of institutional rules via the introduction of legal and illegal games. In this note the relation of their concepts with that of a social system defined inDebreu (1952) is analyzed and its potential of being instrumental for modelling institution design is discussed. The existence proof for such a system, also known as generalized game or abstract economy had been the basis for the existence proof of a competitive equilibrium of an economy.
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Studies in Economic Design

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Trockel W, Haake C-J. Thoughts on Social Design. In: Laslier J-F, Moulin H, Sanver R, Zwicker W, eds. Studies in Economic Design.Vol (n.d.). Studies in Economic Design. Heidelberg: Springer.
Trockel, W., & Haake, C.-J. (n.d.). Thoughts on Social Design. In J.-F. Laslier, H. Moulin, R. Sanver, & W. Zwicker (Eds.), Studies in Economic Design (Vol. (n.d.)). Heidelberg: Springer.
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Trockel, Walter, and Claus-Jochen Haake. “Thoughts on Social Design.” In Studies in Economic Design, edited by Jean-Francois Laslier, Herve Moulin, Remzi Sanver, and William Zwicker, Vol. (n.d.). Studies in Economic Design. Heidelberg: Springer, n.d.
W. Trockel and C.-J. Haake, “Thoughts on Social Design,” in Studies in Economic Design, vol. (n.d.), J.-F. Laslier, H. Moulin, R. Sanver, and W. Zwicker, Eds. Heidelberg: Springer.
Trockel, Walter, and Claus-Jochen Haake. “Thoughts on Social Design.” Studies in Economic Design. Ed. Jean-Francois Laslier et al. (n.d.). Heidelberg: Springer. Print. Studies in Economic Design.
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