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2012 | Bachelorsthesis | LibreCat-ID: 621
@book{Sekula_2012, title={Datenschutzgerechte E-Payment-Schemata im On-The-Fly Computing}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Sekula, Stephan}, year={2012} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 626
@inproceedings{Kniesburges_Scheideler_2012, series={LNCS}, title={Brief Announcement: Hashed Predecessor Patricia Trie - A Data Structure for Efficient Predecessor Queries in Peer-to-Peer Systems}, DOI={10.1007/978-3-642-33651-5_45}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC)}, author={Kniesburges, Sebastian and Scheideler, Christian}, year={2012}, pages={435–436}, collection={LNCS} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 6288
@inproceedings{Fischer_2012, title={Integrating usability engineering in the software development lifecycle based on international standards}, DOI={10.1145/2305484.2305541}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 4th ACM SIGCHI symposium on Engineering interactive computing systems - EICS ’12}, publisher={ACM Press}, author={Fischer, Holger Gerhard}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 6290
@inproceedings{Fischer_Klompmaker_2012, title={Enriching Disaster Control Management based on Human-Computer Design}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM)}, publisher={ISCRAM Digital Library}, author={Fischer, Holger Gerhard and Klompmaker, Florian}, year={2012} }

2012 | Misc | LibreCat-ID: 587
@book{Plessl_Platzner_Agne_Happe_Lübbers_2012, title={Programming models for reconfigurable heterogeneous multi-cores}, publisher={Awareness Magazine}, author={Plessl, Christian and Platzner, Marco and Agne, Andreas and Happe, Markus and Lübbers, Enno}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 5494
@article{Baum_Gsell_Kabst_2012, title={Determinanten des Employer Branding in deutschen Unternehmen: Ein neoinstitutionalistischer Erklärungsansatz.}, volume={72}, number={3}, journal={Die Betriebswirtschaft (ZfB).}, author={Baum, M and Gsell, L and Kabst, Rüdiger}, year={2012}, pages={235–253} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 5519
@article{Steinmetz_Isidor_Bäuerle_2012, title={Testing the Circular Structure of Human Values: A Meta-Analytical Structural Equation Modelling Approach.}, volume={6}, number={1}, journal={Survey Research Methods}, author={Steinmetz, Holger and Isidor, R and Bäuerle, N}, year={2012}, pages={61–75} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 5615
@inproceedings{Schryen_Wex_2012, title={IS Design Thinking in Disaster Management Research}, booktitle={45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences}, author={Schryen, Guido and Wex, Felix}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Mastersthesis | LibreCat-ID: 575
@book{Bremer_2012, title={Symbiotic Coupling of Peer-to-Peer and Cloud Systems}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Bremer, Lars}, year={2012} }

2012 | Mastersthesis | LibreCat-ID: 582
@book{Strothmann_2012, title={Self-Optimizing Binary Search Trees - A Game Theoretic Approach}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Strothmann, Thim Frederik}, year={2012} }

2012 | Bachelorsthesis | LibreCat-ID: 607
@book{Haarhoff_2012, title={Identitätsbasierte Kryptographie - Implementierung von Paarungen für Körper der Charakteristik 2}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Haarhoff, Thomas}, year={2012} }

2012 | Mastersthesis | LibreCat-ID: 614
@book{Lehrig_2012, title={Empirischer, quantitativer Vergleich von Modelltransformationssprachen}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Lehrig, Sebastian}, year={2012} }

2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 6149
@inbook{Isidor_Schwens_Kabst_2012, title={Die Messung von Joint-Venture Erfolg}, booktitle={Markteintrittsstrategien - Dynamik und Komplexität}, author={Isidor, R and Schwens, C and Kabst, R}, editor={Zentes, JEditor}, year={2012}, pages={193–205} }

2012 | Mastersthesis | LibreCat-ID: 594
@book{Klerx_2012, title={Online Parameteroptimierung in P2P-Netzwerken mit Hilfe von Neuronalen Netzen}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Klerx, Timo}, year={2012} }

2012 | Bachelorsthesis | LibreCat-ID: 599
@book{Löwen_2012, title={Managerial Delegation and Capacity Choices: An Analysis of the Cournot-Nash Equilibrium}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Löwen, Xenia}, year={2012} }

2012 | Report | LibreCat-ID: 602
@book{Brangewitz_2012, title={Learning by Trading in Infinite Horizon Strategic Market Games with Default}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Brangewitz, Sonja}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 6055
@article{Mehler_Lücking_Menke_2012, title={Assessing cognitive alignment in different types of dialog by means of a network model}, volume={32}, DOI={10.1016/j.neunet.2012.02.013}, journal={Neural Networks}, publisher={Elsevier BV}, author={Mehler, Alexander and Lücking, Andy and Menke, Peter}, year={2012}, pages={159–164} }
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2012 | Mastersthesis | LibreCat-ID: 633
@book{Pischel_2012, title={Analyse, Konzeption und Implementierung von Aggregationsverfahren für Trinkwasserversorgungsnetze}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Pischel, Daniel}, year={2012} }

2012 | Bachelorsthesis | LibreCat-ID: 638
@book{Eidens_2012, title={Adaptive Verbindungsstrategien in dynamischen Suchnetzwerken}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Eidens, Fabian}, year={2012} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 640
@inproceedings{Kniesburges_Koutsopoulos_Scheideler_2012, title={A Self-Stabilization Process for Small-World Networks}, DOI={10.1109/IPDPS.2012.115}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 26th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS)}, author={Kniesburges, Sebastian and Koutsopoulos, Andreas and Scheideler, Christian}, year={2012}, pages={1261--1271} }
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