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2019 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 10042
Johannesmann, S., Springer, D., Thiel, C., & Henning, B. (2019). Störeffektunterdrückung in 2D-Messdaten mittels DiscoGAN. In D. Gesellschaft für Akustik e.V. (Ed.), Fortschritte der Akustik - DAGA 2019 (Vol. 45, pp. 1055–1058). Rostock: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik.

2019 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 10092
Doherty, S., Dongol, B., Wehrheim, H., & Derrick, J. (2019). Verifying C11 programs operationally. In J. K. Hollingsworth & I. Keidar (Eds.), Proceedings of the 24th {ACM} {SIGPLAN} Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, PPoPP 2019, Washington, DC, USA, February 16-20, 2019 (pp. 355–365). {ACM}.
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2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 10578
Tagne, V. K., Fotso, S., Fono, L. A., & Hüllermeier, E. (2019). Choice Functions Generated by Mallows and Plackett–Luce Relations. New Mathematics and Natural Computation, 15(2), 191–213.

2019 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 10597
Hanke, S., Peitz, S., Wallscheid, O., Böcker, J., & Dellnitz, M. (2019). Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive Control for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Application with Online Least Squares System Identification. In 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Predictive Control of Electrical Drives and Power Electronics (PRECEDE).
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2019 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 11709
Potthast, M., Gienapp, L., Euchner, F., Heilenkötter, N., Weidmann, N., Wachsmuth, H., … Hagen, M. (2019). Argument Search: Assessing Argument Relevance. In 42nd International ACM Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 2019) (pp. 1117–1120). ACM.
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2019 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13250
Ansótegui, C., Heymann, B., Pon, J., Sellmann, M., & Tierney, K. (2019). Hyper-Reactive Tabu Search for MaxSAT. In Learning and Intelligent Optimization (pp. 309–325). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
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2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13274
Fingerhut, R., & Vrabec, J. (2019). Kirkwood-Buff Integration: A Promising Route to Entropic Properties? Fluid Phase Equilibria, 270–281.
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2019 | Preprint | LibreCat-ID: 13337
Ma, X., Berger, B., Assmann, M., Driben, R., Meier, T., Schneider, C., … Schumacher, S. (2019). Realization of all-optical vortex switching in exciton-polariton  condensates. ArXiv:1907.03171.

2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13344
Driben, R., Ma, X., Schumacher, S., & Meier, T. (2019). Bloch oscillations of multidimensional dark soliton wave packets and light bullets. Optics Letters, 44(6).
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2019 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13142
Weidmann, N., Anjorin, A., Fritsche, L., Varró, G., Schürr, A., & Leblebici, E. (2019). Incremental Bidirectional Model Transformation with eMoflon::IBeX. In Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Bidirectional Transformations co-located with the Philadelphia Logic Week, Bx@PLW 2019, Philadelphia, PA, USA, June 4, 2019. (pp. 45–55).

2019 | Working Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13147
Wengerek, S. T., Hippert, B., & Uhde, A. (2019). Risk allocation through securitization – Evidence from non-performing loans.

2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13159
Javed, M. A., Baumhögger, E., & Vrabec, J. (2019). Thermodynamic Speed of Sound Data for Liquid and Supercritical Alcohols. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 1035–1044.
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2019 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 13178
Beverungen, D., Bartelheimer, C., & Wolf, V. (2019). Smart Service Systems als Handlungsfeld einer konvergierenden Dienstleistungsforschung. In Stich, V.; Schumann, J.H.; Beverungen, D.; Gudergan, G.; Jussen, P. (Ed.), Digitale Dienstleistungsinnovationen – Smart Services agil und kundenorientiert entwickeln. Wiesbaden: SpringerVieweg.

2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13185
Rittinghaus, R. D., Schäfer, P. M., Albrecht, P., Conrads, C., Hoffmann, A., Ksiazkiewicz, A. N., … Herres-Pawlis, S. (2019). New Kids in Lactide Polymerization: Highly Active and Robust Iron Guanidine Complexes as Superior Catalysts. ChemSusChem, 12(10), 2161–2165.
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2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13236
Walczak, R., Savateev, A., Heske, J., Tarakina, N. V., Sahoo, S., Epping, J. D., … Oschatz, M. (2019). Controlling the strength of interaction between carbon dioxide and nitrogen-rich carbon materials by molecular design. Sustainable Energy Fuels.
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2019 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13123
Afifi, H., Horbach, K., & Karl, H. (2019). A Genetic Algorithm Framework for Solving Wireless Virtual Network Embedding. In 2019 International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob) (WiMob 2019). Barcelona, Spain.

2019 | Conference Abstract | LibreCat-ID: 13394
Wecker, C., Schulz, A., Heine, J., Bart, H.-J., & Kenig, E. (2019). Numerische Untersuchungen zum Stofftransport und Fluidmechanik bei der Tropfenbildung. Presented at the Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Wärme- und Stofftransport, Essen: Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Wärme- und Stofftransport.

2019 | Conference Abstract | LibreCat-ID: 13399
Zibart, A., & Kenig, E. (2019). Reduktion von parasitären Strömungen in Mehrphasensimulationen durch Verwendung der Height-Function Methode. Presented at the ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Computational Fluid Dynamics, Frankfurt: ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Computational Fluid Dynamics.

2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13457
Eggert, A., Steinhoff, L., & Witte, C. (2019). Gift Purchases as Catalysts for Strengthening Customer–Brand Relationships. Journal of Marketing.

2019 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13558
Gharibian, S., & Yirka, J. (2019). The complexity of simulating local measurements on quantum systems. Quantum, 3, 189.
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