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2018 | Bachelorsthesis | LibreCat-ID: 5422
@book{Diemke_2018, title={Vertrauen und Vertrauenswürdigkeit - Akteure auf Cloud-basierten Plattformen}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Diemke, Viktoria}, year={2018} }

2018 | Mastersthesis | LibreCat-ID: 4804
@book{Görken_2018, title={Neurowissenschaftliche und verhaltensökonomische Determinaten von Nachfrageverhalten bei Such-, Erfahrungs- und Vertrauensgütern}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Görken, Emre}, year={2018} }

2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 3402
@article{Melnikov_Hüllermeier_2018, title={On the effectiveness of heuristics for learning nested dichotomies: an empirical analysis}, DOI={10.1007/s10994-018-5733-1}, journal={Machine Learning}, author={Melnikov, Vitalik and Hüllermeier, Eyke}, year={2018} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20113
@article{A Fractional Variational Approach for Modelling Dissipative Mechanical Systems:Continuous and Discrete Settings_2018, volume={51}, DOI={}, number={3}, journal={IFAC-PapersOnLine}, year={2018}, pages={50–55} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 19755
@article{Meyer_Meschut_Vogt_Behrens_Hübner_Neumann_2018, title={Application of self-piercing nuts during hot forming of 22MNB5}, DOI={10.1007/s40194-018-00688-8}, journal={Welding in the World}, author={Meyer, Sebastian and Meschut, Gerson and Vogt, Hendrik and Behrens, Bernd-Arno and Hübner, Sven and Neumann, André}, year={2018}, pages={565–574} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 19394
@article{Meschut_Teutenberg_Wünsche_2018, title={Prüfkonzept für geklebte Stahl/CFK-Strukturen}, DOI={10.1007/s35145-015-0513-6}, journal={adhäsion KLEBEN & DICHTEN}, author={Meschut, Gerson and Teutenberg, Dominik and Wünsche, Marc}, year={2018}, pages={16–21} }
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2018 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 4563
@inproceedings{Jung_Kolb_Scheideler_Sundermeier_2018, title={Competitive Routing in Hybrid Communication Networks}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Algorithms and Experiments for Wireless Networks (ALGOSENSORS) }, publisher={Springer}, author={Jung, Daniel and Kolb, Christina and Scheideler, Christian and Sundermeier, Jannik}, year={2018} }
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2018 | Dissertation | LibreCat-ID: 1209
@book{Jung_2018, title={Local Strategies for Swarm Formations on a Grid}, DOI={10.17619/UNIPB/1-271}, publisher={Universität Paderborn}, author={Jung, Daniel}, year={2018} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20283
@article{Han_Hörhold_Wiesenmayer_Merklein_Meschut_2018, title={Investigation of the influence of tool-sided parameters on deformation and occurring tool loads in shear-clinching processes}, DOI={10.1016/j.promfg.2018.07.349}, journal={Procedia Manufacturing}, author={Han, Daxin and Hörhold, Réjane and Wiesenmayer, Sebastian and Merklein, Marion and Meschut, Gerson}, year={2018}, pages={1346–1353} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 16369
@article{Turcanu_Klingler_Sommer_Baiocchi_Dressler_2018, title={Duplicate suppression for efficient floating car data collection in heterogeneous LTE-DSRC vehicular networks}, DOI={10.1016/j.comcom.2018.03.015}, journal={Computer Communications}, author={Turcanu, Ion and Klingler, Florian and Sommer, Christoph and Baiocchi, Andrea and Dressler, Falko}, year={2018}, pages={54–64} }
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2018 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 20548
@inproceedings{Bodden_2018, place={New York, NY, USA}, series={ISSTA ’18}, title={The Secret Sauce in Efficient and Precise Static Analysis: The Beauty of Distributive, Summary-based Static Analyses (and How to Master Them)}, DOI={10.1145/3236454.3236500}, booktitle={ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on the State Of the Art in Java Program Analysis (SOAP 2018)}, publisher={ACM}, author={Bodden, Eric}, year={2018}, pages={85–93}, collection={ISSTA ’18} }
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2018 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 20550
@inproceedings{Bodden_2018, place={New York, NY, USA}, series={ICSE-NIER ’18}, title={Self-adaptive Static Analysis}, DOI={10.1145/3183399.3183401}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering: New Ideas and Emerging Results}, publisher={ACM}, author={Bodden, Eric}, year={2018}, pages={45–48}, collection={ICSE-NIER ’18} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20543
@article{Nguyen Quang Do_Krüger_Hill_Ali_Bodden_2018, title={Debugging Static Analysis}, DOI={10.1109/TSE.2018.2868349}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering}, author={Nguyen Quang Do, Lisa and Krüger, Stefan and Hill, Patrick and Ali, Karim and Bodden, Eric}, year={2018}, pages={1–1} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 10018
@article{Schmidt_Bühler_Heinrich_Allerbeck_Podzimski_Berghoff_Meier_Schmidt_Reichl_Wegscheider_et al._2018, title={Signatures of transient Wannier-Stark localization in bulk gallium arsenide}, volume={9}, DOI={10.1038/s41467-018-05229-x}, journal={Nature Communications}, author={Schmidt, Claudia and Bühler, J. and Heinrich, A.-C. and Allerbeck, J. and Podzimski, R. and Berghoff, Daniel and Meier, Torsten and Schmidt, Wolf Gero and Reichl, C. and Wegscheider, W. and et al.}, year={2018}, pages={2890} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20788
@article{Pohlmann_Hüwe_2018, title={Model-driven allocation engineering: specifying and solving constraints based on the example of automotive systems}, DOI={10.1007/s10515-018-0248-3}, journal={Automated Software Engineering}, author={Pohlmann, Uwe and Hüwe, Marcus}, year={2018} }
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2018 | Dissertation | LibreCat-ID: 20815
@book{Maslovskaya_2018, title={Inverse Optimal Control : theoretical study}, author={Maslovskaya, Sofya}, year={2018} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20839
@article{Brinda_Diethelm_Hellmig_Magenheim_Romeike_Schroeder_2018, title={Kritische Entgegnung auf die Studie “Zur Relevanz informatischer Bildung in der Schule für den Erwerb computer- bzw. informationsbezogener Kompetenzen”}, volume={33}, DOI={10.21240/mpaed/33/2018.10.29.X}, number={Didaktik der Informatik}, journal={MedienPädagogik: Zeitschrift für Theorie und Praxis der Medienbildung}, author={Brinda, Torsten and Diethelm, Ira and Hellmig, Lutz and Magenheim, Johannes and Romeike, Ralf and Schroeder, Ulrik}, year={2018}, pages={1–10} }
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2018 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 21027
@article{Ansari_Donohue_Allgaier_Sansoni_Brecht_Roslund_Treps_Harder_Silberhorn_2018, title={Tomography and Purification of the Temporal-Mode Structure of Quantum Light}, volume={120}, DOI={10.1103/physrevlett.120.213601}, number={213601}, journal={Physical Review Letters}, author={Ansari, Vahid and Donohue, John M. and Allgaier, Markus and Sansoni, Linda and Brecht, Benjamin and Roslund, Jonathan and Treps, Nicolas and Harder, Georg and Silberhorn, Christine}, year={2018} }
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2018 | Preprint | LibreCat-ID: 19940
@article{Offen, title={Local intersections of Lagrangian manifolds correspond to catastrophe  theory}, journal={arXiv:1811.10165}, author={Offen, Christian} }
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2018 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 21173
@inproceedings{Bonfert_Spliethöver_Arzaroli_Lange_Hanci_Porzel_2018, title={If You Ask Nicely: A Digital Assistant Rebuking Impolite Voice Commands}, DOI={10.1145/3242969.3242995}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction}, author={Bonfert, Michael and Spliethöver, Maximilian and Arzaroli, Roman and Lange, Marvin and Hanci, Martin and Porzel, Robert}, year={2018} }
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