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2020 | Preprint | LibreCat-ID: 20841
Gharibian, Sevag, James Watson, and Johannes Bausch. “The Complexity of Translationally Invariant Problems beyond Ground State Energies,” 2020.
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 16927
Gharibian, Sevag, Marco Aldi, Niel de Beaudrap, and Seyran Saeedi. “On Efficiently Solvable Cases of Quantum K-SAT.” Communications in Mathematical Physics, 2020.
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 16458
Bonnette, S, JA Diekfuss, DR Grooms, AW Kiefer, MA Riley, C Riehm, C Moore, et al. “Electrocortical Dynamics Differentiate Athletes Exhibiting Low- and High- ACL Injury Risk Biomechanics.” Psychophysiology 57, no. 4 (2020): e13530.
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2020 | Conference Abstract | LibreCat-ID: 20416
Keizer, MNJ, JM Hijmans, A Gokeler, A Benjaminse, and E Otten. “Healthy Subjects with Lax Knees Use Less Knee Flexion Rather than Muscle Control to Limit Anterior Tibia Translation during Landing.” In J Exp Orthop, 7:32, 2020.
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2020 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 20853
Bähr, Philipp, Silke Sommer, Eduard Unruh, David Hein, and Gerson Meschut. “Charakterisierung und Modellierung von Kerbeffekten durch Mischverbindungen in Karosseriebauteilen aus höchstfesten Stählen.” edited by FOSTA, EFB, DVS, 2020.

2020 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 20860
Strauß, Sara, and Sarah Schäfer-Althaus. “Transient Bodies, Bodies in Transition: An Introduction.” In Transient Bodies in Anglophone Literature and Culture, edited by Sara Strauß and Sarah Schäfer-Althaus, 7–22. Heidelberg: Winter, 2020.

2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20884
Rohlfing, Katharina J., Philipp Cimiano, Ingrid Scharlau, Tobias Matzner, Heike M. Buhl, Hendrik Buschmeier, Elena Esposito, et al. “Explanation as a Social Practice: Toward a Conceptual Framework for the Social Design of AI Systems.” IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 2020, 1–1.
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2020 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 20891
Knüppel, Alexander, Stefan Krüger, Thomas Thüm, Richard Bubel, Sebastian Krieter, Eric Bodden, and Ina Schaefer. “Using Abstract Contracts for Verifying Evolving Features and Their Interactions.” In Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Cham, 2020.
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20644
Volmert, Ruth, Nils Weber, and Cedrik Meier. “Nanoantennas Embedded in Zinc Oxide for Second Harmonic Generation Enhancement.” Journal of Applied Physics 128, no. 4 (2020).
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 19313
Feldmann, Nadine, Veronika Schulze, Leander Claes, Benjamin Jurgelucks, Andrea Walther, and Bernd Henning. “Inverse Piezoelectric Material Parameter Characterization Using a Single Disc-Shaped Specimen.” Tm - Technisches Messen, 2020, 50–55.
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