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1997 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 16568
@inbook{Fischer_Meyer auf der Heide_Strothmann_1997, place={Berlin, Heidelberg}, title={Dynamic data structures for realtime management of large geometric scenes}, DOI={10.1007/3-540-63397-9_13}, booktitle={Algorithms — ESA ’97}, author={Fischer, Matthias and Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm and Strothmann, W. -B.}, year={1997} }
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1997 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 1718
@inbook{Krimphove_Schollmeier_1997, place={Köln}, edition={6}, title={Europäisches Wirtschaftsrecht}, booktitle={Bleckmann, Europarecht}, publisher={Carl Heymanns Verlag KG}, author={Krimphove, Dieter and Schollmeier, Andres}, year={1997}, pages={650–717} }

1997 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 3029
@inbook{Blömer_1997, place={Berlin, Heidelberg}, title={Denesting by bounded degree radicals}, DOI={10.1007/3-540-63397-9_5}, booktitle={Algorithms — ESA ’97}, publisher={Springer Berlin Heidelberg}, author={Blömer, Johannes}, year={1997}, pages={53–63} }
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1997 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 3067
@article{Gries_Jungblut_1997, title={Catching-up and Structural Change}, volume={50}, number={4}, journal={Economia Internationale}, author={Gries, Thomas and Jungblut, Stefan}, year={1997}, pages={3–24} }

1997 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 5607
@article{Brewster_Mayne_Valverde_Kabst_1997, title={Flexibility in European Labour Markets? The Evidence Renewed}, volume={6}, journal={Employee Relations}, author={Brewster, C and Mayne, L and Valverde, M A I and Kabst, Rüdiger}, year={1997}, pages={509–518} }

1997 | Dissertation | LibreCat-ID: 7348
@book{Kremer_1997, place={Köln}, title={Medienentwicklung - Theoretische Modellierung und fachdidaktisch ausgerichtete Anwendung}, author={Kremer, H.-Hugo}, year={1997} }

1997 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 8106
@inproceedings{Krauter_Duwe_1997, title={Das ECO–PV–System}, booktitle={Zwölftes Nationales Symposium für Photovoltaische Energiewandlung, Staffelstein, 26.–28. Februar 1997, Band 1, S. 297–302.}, author={Krauter, Stefan and Duwe, H.}, year={1997} }

1997 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 8904
@inproceedings{Sextro_Popp_Wolter_1997, title={Improved reliability of bladed disks due to friction dampers}, booktitle={The 1997 International Gas Turbine \& Aeroengine Congress \& Exposition}, author={Sextro, Walter and Popp, Karl and Wolter, Ivo}, year={1997} }

1997 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 8276
@inproceedings{Gadducci_Heckel_1997, place={Bordeaux}, title={A 2-Categorical Presentation of Distributed Graph Transformation}, booktitle={Proceedings of the Workshop on the General Theory of Graph Transformation Systems (GETGRATS 1997), Bordeaux (France)}, author={Gadducci, Fabio and Heckel, Reiko}, year={1997} }

1997 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 16614
@article{Guder_Dellnitz_Kreuzer_1997, title={An adaptive method for the approximation of the generalized cell mapping}, DOI={10.1016/s0960-0779(96)00118-x}, journal={Chaos, Solitons & Fractals}, author={Guder, Rabbijah and Dellnitz, Michael and Kreuzer, Edwin}, year={1997}, pages={525–534} }
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1997 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 11855
@inproceedings{Langmann_Wuppermann_Haeb-Umbach_Fischer_Eisele_1997, title={Investigation of Acoustic Front Ends for Speaker-Independent Speech Recognition in the Car}, booktitle={Aachener Kolloquium on Signal Theory}, author={Langmann, Detlev and Wuppermann, Friedhelm and Haeb-Umbach, Reinhold and Fischer, A. and Eisele, Thomas}, year={1997} }

1997 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 11766
@article{Gamm_Haeb-Umbach_Langmann_1997, title={The development of a command-based speech interface for a telephone answering machine}, journal={Speech Communication}, author={Gamm, Stephan and Haeb-Umbach, Reinhold and Langmann, Detlev}, year={1997} }

1997 | Misc | LibreCat-ID: 13089
@book{Tsai_Hellebrand_Rajski_Marek-Sadowska_1997, place={4th IEEE International Test Synthesis Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA, USA}, title={STARBIST: Scan Autocorrelated Random Pattern Generation}, author={Tsai, Kun-Han and Hellebrand, Sybille and Rajski, Janusz and Marek-Sadowska, Malgorzata}, year={1997} }

1997 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13779
@article{Schmidt_Bechstedt_1997, title={Comparison of As-rich and Sb-terminated GaAs(100)(2 × 4) reconstructions}, volume={377–379}, DOI={10.1016/s0039-6028(96)01318-0}, journal={Surface Science}, author={Schmidt, Wolf Gero and Bechstedt, F.}, year={1997}, pages={11–14} }
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1997 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13781
@article{Nilen_Connell_Schmidt_Britton_Verwoerd_Sellschop_Shrivastava_1997, title={Electron-positron momentum density distribution in diamond}, volume={116}, DOI={10.1016/s0169-4332(96)01078-1}, journal={Applied Surface Science}, author={Nilen, R.W.N. and Connell, S.H. and Schmidt, Wolf Gero and Britton, D.T. and Verwoerd, W.S. and Sellschop, J.P.F. and Shrivastava, S.}, year={1997}, pages={330–334} }
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1997 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13604
@inproceedings{Röwekamp_Platzner_Peters_1997, title={Specialized Architectures for Optical Flow Computation: A Performance Comparison of ASIC, DSP, and Multi-DSP}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Signal Processing Applications & Technology (ICSPAT)}, author={Röwekamp, Thomas and Platzner, Marco and Peters, Liliane }, year={1997}, pages={829–833} }

1997 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 16689
@inproceedings{Maggs_Meyer auf der Heide_Vöcking_Westermann_1997, title={Exploiting locality for data management in systems of limited bandwidth}, DOI={10.1109/sfcs.1997.646117}, booktitle={Proceedings 38th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science}, author={Maggs, B.M. and Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm and Vöcking, B. and Westermann, M.}, year={1997} }
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1997 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 16564
@article{Grigoriev_Karpinski_Meyer auf der Heide_Smolensky_1997, title={A lower bound for randomized algebraic decision trees}, DOI={10.1007/bf01270387}, journal={computational complexity}, author={Grigoriev, Dima and Karpinski, Marek and Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm and Smolensky, Roman}, year={1997}, pages={357–375} }
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1997 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 16569
@inbook{Meyer auf der Heide_Vöcking_1997, place={Berlin, Heidelberg}, title={Static and dynamic data management in networks}, DOI={10.1007/bfb0002716}, booktitle={Euro-Par’97 Parallel Processing}, author={Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm and Vöcking, Berthold}, year={1997} }
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1997 | Book | LibreCat-ID: 1606
@book{Krimphove_1997, place={Münster}, series={Jus vivens}, title={“Wir haben ein Gesetz...” rechtliche Anmerkungen zum Strafverfahren gegen Jesus}, publisher={Lit Verlag}, author={Krimphove, Dieter}, year={1997}, collection={Jus vivens} }


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