Continuous speech dictation - From theory to practice

V. Steinbiss, H.J. Ney, U. Essen, B.H. Tran, X.L. Aubert, C. Dugast, R. Kneser, H.G. Meier, M. Oerder, R. Haeb-Umbach, D. Geller, W. Hoellerbauer, H. Bartosik, Speech Communication (1995).

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Steinbiss, Volker; Ney, Hermann J.; Essen, Ute; Tran, Bach Hiep; Aubert, Xavier L.; Dugast, Christian; Kneser, Reinhard; Meier, Hans Günter; Oerder, Martin; Haeb-Umbach, ReinholdLibreCat; Geller, Dieter; Hoellerbauer, W.
This paper gives an overview of the Philips research system for phoneme-based, large-vocabulary, continuousspeech recognition. The system has been successfully applied to various tasks in the German and (American) English languages, ranging from small vocabulary tasks to very large vocabulary tasks. Here, we concentrate on continuousspeech recognition for dictation in real applications, the dictation of legal reports and radiology reports in German. We describe this task and report on experimental results. We also describe a commercial PC-based dictation system which includes a PC implementation of our scientific recognition prototype. In order to allow for a comparison with the performance of other systems, a section with an evaluation on the standard Wall Street Journal task (dictation of American English newspaper text) is supplied. The recognition architecture is based on an integrated statistical approach. We describe the characteristic features of the system as opposed to other systems: 1. the Viterbi criterion is consistently applied both in training and testing; 2. continuous mixture densities are used without tying or smoothing; 3. time-synchronous beam search in connection with a phoneme look-ahead is applied to a tree-organized lexicon.
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Speech Communication

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Steinbiss V, Ney HJ, Essen U, et al. Continuous speech dictation - From theory to practice. Speech Communication. 1995.
Steinbiss, V., Ney, H. J., Essen, U., Tran, B. H., Aubert, X. L., Dugast, C., … Bartosik, H. (1995). Continuous speech dictation - From theory to practice. Speech Communication.
@article{Steinbiss_Ney_Essen_Tran_Aubert_Dugast_Kneser_Meier_Oerder_Haeb-Umbach_et al._1995, title={Continuous speech dictation - From theory to practice}, journal={Speech Communication}, author={Steinbiss, Volker and Ney, Hermann J. and Essen, Ute and Tran, Bach Hiep and Aubert, Xavier L. and Dugast, Christian and Kneser, Reinhard and Meier, Hans Günter and Oerder, Martin and Haeb-Umbach, Reinhold and et al.}, year={1995} }
Steinbiss, Volker, Hermann J. Ney, Ute Essen, Bach Hiep Tran, Xavier L. Aubert, Christian Dugast, Reinhard Kneser, et al. “Continuous Speech Dictation - From Theory to Practice.” Speech Communication, 1995.
V. Steinbiss et al., “Continuous speech dictation - From theory to practice,” Speech Communication, 1995.
Steinbiss, Volker, et al. “Continuous Speech Dictation - From Theory to Practice.” Speech Communication, 1995.


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