A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light

M. Gharghi, C. Gladden, T. Zentgraf, Y. Liu, X. Yin, J. Valentine, X. Zhang, Nano Letters 11 (2011) 2825–2828.

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Gharghi, Majid; Gladden, Christopher; Zentgraf, ThomasLibreCat ; Liu, Yongmin; Yin, Xiaobo; Valentine, Jason; Zhang, Xiang
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Nano Letters

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Gharghi M, Gladden C, Zentgraf T, et al. A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light. Nano Letters. 2011;11(7):2825-2828. doi:10.1021/nl201189z
Gharghi, M., Gladden, C., Zentgraf, T., Liu, Y., Yin, X., Valentine, J., & Zhang, X. (2011). A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light. Nano Letters, 11(7), 2825–2828. https://doi.org/10.1021/nl201189z
@article{Gharghi_Gladden_Zentgraf_Liu_Yin_Valentine_Zhang_2011, title={A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light}, volume={11}, DOI={10.1021/nl201189z}, number={7}, journal={Nano Letters}, publisher={American Chemical Society (ACS)}, author={Gharghi, Majid and Gladden, Christopher and Zentgraf, Thomas and Liu, Yongmin and Yin, Xiaobo and Valentine, Jason and Zhang, Xiang}, year={2011}, pages={2825–2828} }
Gharghi, Majid, Christopher Gladden, Thomas Zentgraf, Yongmin Liu, Xiaobo Yin, Jason Valentine, and Xiang Zhang. “A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light.” Nano Letters 11, no. 7 (2011): 2825–28. https://doi.org/10.1021/nl201189z.
M. Gharghi et al., “A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light,” Nano Letters, vol. 11, no. 7, pp. 2825–2828, 2011.
Gharghi, Majid, et al. “A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light.” Nano Letters, vol. 11, no. 7, American Chemical Society (ACS), 2011, pp. 2825–28, doi:10.1021/nl201189z.


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