Distributed merchandise management system

T. Göllner, J.-H. Schwarz, S. Gottschalk, S. Sauer, (2021).

Göllner, Thomas; Schwarz, Jan-Hendrik; Gottschalk, SebastianLibreCat; Sauer, StefanLibreCat
The invention describes a distributed merchandise management system, in which the client, retailer and the manufacturer are linked by a network. This is implemented by a cloud storage (105), the cloud storage (105) comprising a means (105 a) for storing data, a means for receiving first data from a first network node (110), the first data being associated with a physical object, a means for receiving request data from a second network node (120), a means for receiving second data from a third network node (130), the second data being associated with the first data and comprising at least one data piece adapted to change the first data depending on the received request data, a means for changing the first data based at least in part on the second data and the request data, and a means for sending a changed portion of the first data from the cloud storage (105) to the first network node (110).
Publishing Year
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US 2021/0081978 A1
Int. Patent Classification
06Q 30/02, H04W 4/02, 06F 16/182

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Göllner T, Schwarz J-H, Gottschalk S, Sauer S. Distributed merchandise management system. 2021.
Göllner, T., Schwarz, J.-H., Gottschalk, S., & Sauer, S. (2021). Distributed merchandise management system.
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Göllner, Thomas, Jan-Hendrik Schwarz, Sebastian Gottschalk, and Stefan Sauer. “Distributed Merchandise Management System,” 2021.
T. Göllner, J.-H. Schwarz, S. Gottschalk, and S. Sauer, “Distributed merchandise management system.” 2021.
Göllner, Thomas, et al. Distributed Merchandise Management System. 2021.
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