Testing of pipe sections

A. Andreiev, O. Golovko, I. Frolov, F. Nürnberger, L.O. Wolf, M. Schaper, O. Grydin, Materials Testing (2015) 643–648.

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Andreiev, AnatoliiLibreCat; Golovko, Oleksandr; Frolov, Iaroslav; Nürnberger, Florian; Wolf, Lars Oliver; Schaper, MirkoLibreCat; Grydin, OlexandrLibreCat
<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title> <jats:p>A device and the basic technology has been developed for tensile testing pipe sections samples (tensile testing PSS) for quantitative estimating ultimate tensile and yield stresses in ring samples (PSS samples) cut from pipes. This tensile testing device provides the opportunity for compensating frictional forces during the tensile test, and using exchangeable bearings, the device can be adapted to a wide assortment of pipes. Research has been carried out regarding the shape and size of a stress concentrator introduced into the sample. Relationships have been derived between the shape of the tensile loading curves and the characteristic forces for different types of stress concentrators. It is proposed to use PSS with stress concentrators to prevent plastic deformation in one of the supporting sections (this also allows to correlate the applied forces to one section). The concentrator should be introduced into the tube wall of the sample as a drilled hole. This method is comparatively simple with respect to established testing methods.</jats:p>
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Materials Testing

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Andreiev A, Golovko O, Frolov I, et al. Testing of pipe sections. Materials Testing. 2015:643-648. doi:10.3139/120.110759
Andreiev, A., Golovko, O., Frolov, I., Nürnberger, F., Wolf, L. O., Schaper, M., & Grydin, O. (2015). Testing of pipe sections. Materials Testing, 643–648. https://doi.org/10.3139/120.110759
@article{Andreiev_Golovko_Frolov_Nürnberger_Wolf_Schaper_Grydin_2015, title={Testing of pipe sections}, DOI={10.3139/120.110759}, journal={Materials Testing}, author={Andreiev, Anatolii and Golovko, Oleksandr and Frolov, Iaroslav and Nürnberger, Florian and Wolf, Lars Oliver and Schaper, Mirko and Grydin, Olexandr}, year={2015}, pages={643–648} }
Andreiev, Anatolii, Oleksandr Golovko, Iaroslav Frolov, Florian Nürnberger, Lars Oliver Wolf, Mirko Schaper, and Olexandr Grydin. “Testing of Pipe Sections.” Materials Testing, 2015, 643–48. https://doi.org/10.3139/120.110759.
A. Andreiev et al., “Testing of pipe sections,” Materials Testing, pp. 643–648, 2015.
Andreiev, Anatolii, et al. “Testing of Pipe Sections.” Materials Testing, 2015, pp. 643–48, doi:10.3139/120.110759.


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