Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen

D. Han, G. Meschut, Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen, 2021.

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Within the scope of the research project, four new mechanical joining processes for the singlestage, pre-hole-free joining of FRP-FRP joints were further developed. For this purpose, the joining processes under consideration were first implemented on existing equipment at the research institute. Based on the successful adaptation of the joining processes, characteristics of the joints were documented by means of micrographs and observation of external characteristics, on the basis of which measures for process modification were derived. The process modifications were carried out on a process-specific basis for a selected GFRPGFRP joint. The aim was to improve the joint quality, in particular with regard to the reduction of laminate damage, by means of targeted element and tool development in addition to the increase in process stability. Based on these results, a realistic suitability evaluation of the joining methods was carried out with regard to process and manufacturing flexibility. As a result, two self-piercing riveting processes, which showed the greatest suitability potential, were examined in more detail to analyse the application limits. In the process, the joints were sampled on further material combinations with varied fibre and matrix systems. In addition, joints with adhesive were investigated, in which the influence of the adhesive viscosity on the joint properties was analysed. The joint properties of the new joining method were then comprehensively determined by tensile tests under quasi-static, cyclic loads. Finally, the behaviour of the optimised joints under corrosive load was characterised in the salt spray test. Through the targeted process modifications in this project, the FRP-FRP joints can be joined with less damage, enabling improved joint quality in the FRP-based components.
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Han D, Meschut G. Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen.; 2021.
Han, D., & Meschut, G. (2021). Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen.
@book{Han_Meschut_2021, title={Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen}, author={Han, Daxin and Meschut, Gerson}, year={2021} }
Han, Daxin, and Gerson Meschut. Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen, 2021.
D. Han and G. Meschut, Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen. 2021.
Han, Daxin, and Gerson Meschut. Mechanisches Fügen von FKV-FKV-Verbindungen. 2021.


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