Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Composite Materials (Part 1)

H.-P. Heim, A. Ries, V. Sch {\ "o} ppner, A. Wibbeke, S. Turek, Hogenrich Damanik, R. Mahnken, C. Dammann, Olaf W {\ "u} nsch, A. Al-Baldawi, Bj {\" o} rn Rohde, A. Br {\ "u} ckner-Foit, J.{\" u} rgen Gausemeier, Iris Gr { \ "a} {\ ss} ler, M. Petersen, Kunststoffe International} 104 (2014) 31–35.

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Heim, Hans-Peter ; Ries, Angela ; Sch {\ "o} ppner, Volker; Wibbeke,, Andrea ; Turek, Stefan ; Damanik, Hogenrich; Mahnken, RolfLibreCat; Dammann, Christian ; W {\ "u} nsch, Olaf; Al-Baldawi, Ammar; Rohde, Bj {\" o} rn; Br {\ "u} ckner-Foit, Angelika
With self-reinforced thermoplastics, it is possible to produce composite systems that, unlike traditional fiber composite materials, do not contain any foreign fibers for reinforcement. Instead, thermoplastic fibers or tapes, for example made of PP or PE, are used in an identical matrix. This opens up a high potential for lightweight construction and, at the same time, very good recyclability.
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Kunststoffe international}

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Heim H-P, Ries A, Sch {\ "o} ppner V, et al. Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Composite Materials (Part 1). Kunststoffe international}. 2014;104:31-35.
Heim, H.-P., Ries, A., Sch {\ "o} ppner, V., Wibbeke, A., Turek, S., Damanik, Hogenrich, Mahnken, R., Dammann, C., W {\ "u} nsch, Olaf, Al-Baldawi, A., Rohde, Bj {\" o} rn, Br {\ "u} ckner-Foit, A., Gausemeier, J. {\" u} rgen, Gr { \ "a} {\ ss} ler, Iris, & Petersen, M. (2014). Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Composite Materials (Part 1). Kunststoffe International}, 104, 31–35.
@article{Heim_Ries_Sch {\ "o} ppner_Wibbeke,_Turek_Damanik_Mahnken_Dammann_W {\ "u} nsch_Al-Baldawi_et al._2014, title={Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Composite Materials (Part 1)}, volume={104}, journal={Kunststoffe international}}, author={Heim, Hans-Peter and Ries, Angela and Sch {\ "o} ppner, Volker and Wibbeke, Andrea and Turek, Stefan and Damanik, Hogenrich and Mahnken, Rolf and Dammann, Christian and W {\ "u} nsch, Olaf and Al-Baldawi, Ammar and et al.}, year={2014}, pages={31–35} }
Heim, Hans-Peter , Angela Ries, Volker Sch {\ "o} ppner, Andrea Wibbeke, Stefan Turek, Hogenrich Damanik, Rolf Mahnken, et al. “Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Composite Materials (Part 1).” Kunststoffe International} 104 (2014): 31–35.
H.-P. Heim et al., “Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Composite Materials (Part 1),” Kunststoffe international}, vol. 104, pp. 31–35, 2014.
Heim, Hans-Peter, et al. “Self-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Composite Materials (Part 1).” Kunststoffe International}, vol. 104, 2014, pp. 31–35.


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