The GeoKnow Handbook

J. Lehmann, S. Athanasiou, A. Both, L. Buehmann, A. Garcia-Rojas, G. Giannopoulos, D. Hladky, K. Hoeffner, J. Jay Le Grange, A.-C. Ngonga Ngomo, R. Pietzsch, R. Isele, M. Sherif, C. Stadler, M. Wauer, P. Westphal, The GeoKnow Handbook, 2015.

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Lehmann, Jens; Athanasiou, Spiros; Both, Andreas; Buehmann, Lorenz; Garcia-Rojas, Alejandra; Giannopoulos, Giorgos; Hladky, Daniel; Hoeffner, Konrad; Jay Le Grange, Jon; Ngonga Ngomo, Axel-CyrilleLibreCat; Pietzsch, Rene; Isele, Robert
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Lehmann J, Athanasiou S, Both A, et al. The GeoKnow Handbook.; 2015.
Lehmann, J., Athanasiou, S., Both, A., Buehmann, L., Garcia-Rojas, A., Giannopoulos, G., Hladky, D., Hoeffner, K., Jay Le Grange, J., Ngonga Ngomo, A.-C., Pietzsch, R., Isele, R., Sherif, M., Stadler, C., Wauer, M., & Westphal, P. (2015). The GeoKnow Handbook.
@book{Lehmann_Athanasiou_Both_Buehmann_Garcia-Rojas_Giannopoulos_Hladky_Hoeffner_Jay Le Grange_Ngonga Ngomo_et al._2015, title={The GeoKnow Handbook}, author={Lehmann, Jens and Athanasiou, Spiros and Both, Andreas and Buehmann, Lorenz and Garcia-Rojas, Alejandra and Giannopoulos, Giorgos and Hladky, Daniel and Hoeffner, Konrad and Jay Le Grange, Jon and Ngonga Ngomo, Axel-Cyrille and et al.}, year={2015} }
Lehmann, Jens, Spiros Athanasiou, Andreas Both, Lorenz Buehmann, Alejandra Garcia-Rojas, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Daniel Hladky, et al. The GeoKnow Handbook, 2015.
J. Lehmann et al., The GeoKnow Handbook. 2015.
Lehmann, Jens, et al. The GeoKnow Handbook. 2015.


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