Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands

T. Hirschhausen, L. Fritsch, F. Lux, J. Steube, R. Schoch, A. Neuba, H. Egold, M. Bauer, Inorganics 11 (2023).

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<jats:p>The use of iron as a replacement for noble metals in photochemical and photophysical applications is challenging due to the typically fast deactivation of short-lived catalytically active states. Recent success of a cyclometalated iron(III) complex utilizing a bis-tridentate ligand motif inspired the use of phenyl-1H-pyrazole as a bidentate ligand. Five complexes using the tris(1-phenylpyrazolato-N,C2)iron(III) complex scaffold are presented. In addition to the parent complex, four derivatives with functionalization in the meta-position of the phenyl ring are thoroughly investigated by single crystal diffractometry, UV-Vis-spectroscopy, and cyclic voltammetry. Advanced X-ray spectroscopy in the form of X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy allows unique insights into the electronic structure as well as DFT calculations. The ligand design leads to overlapping MLCT and LMCT absorption bands, and emissive behavior is suppressed by low-lying MC states.</jats:p>
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Hirschhausen T, Fritsch L, Lux F, et al. Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands. Inorganics. 2023;11(7). doi:10.3390/inorganics11070282
Hirschhausen, T., Fritsch, L., Lux, F., Steube, J., Schoch, R., Neuba, A., Egold, H., & Bauer, M. (2023). Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands. Inorganics, 11(7), Article 282.
@article{Hirschhausen_Fritsch_Lux_Steube_Schoch_Neuba_Egold_Bauer_2023, title={Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands}, volume={11}, DOI={10.3390/inorganics11070282}, number={7282}, journal={Inorganics}, publisher={MDPI AG}, author={Hirschhausen, Tanja and Fritsch, Lorena and Lux, Franziska and Steube, Jakob and Schoch, Roland and Neuba, Adam and Egold, Hans and Bauer, Matthias}, year={2023} }
Hirschhausen, Tanja, Lorena Fritsch, Franziska Lux, Jakob Steube, Roland Schoch, Adam Neuba, Hans Egold, and Matthias Bauer. “Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands.” Inorganics 11, no. 7 (2023).
T. Hirschhausen et al., “Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands,” Inorganics, vol. 11, no. 7, Art. no. 282, 2023, doi: 10.3390/inorganics11070282.
Hirschhausen, Tanja, et al. “Iron(III)-Complexes with N-Phenylpyrazole-Based Ligands.” Inorganics, vol. 11, no. 7, 282, MDPI AG, 2023, doi:10.3390/inorganics11070282.


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