On token signed graphs

C. Dalfó, M.A. Fiol, E. Steffen, ArXiv:2403.02924 (2024).

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Dalfó, C.; Fiol, M. A.; Steffen, EckhardLibreCat
We introduce the concept of a k-token signed graph and study some of its combinatorial and algebraic properties. We prove that two switching isomorphic signed graphs have switching isomorphic token graphs. Moreover, we show that the Laplacian spectrum of a balanced signed graph is contained in the Laplacian spectra of its k-token signed graph. Besides, we introduce and study the unbalance level of a signed graph, which is a new parameter that measures how far a signed graph is from being balanced. Moreover, we study the relation between the frustration index and the unbalance level of signed graphs and their token signed graphs.
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Dalfó C, Fiol MA, Steffen E. On token signed graphs. arXiv:240302924. Published online 2024.
Dalfó, C., Fiol, M. A., & Steffen, E. (2024). On token signed graphs. In arXiv:2403.02924.
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Dalfó, C., M. A. Fiol, and Eckhard Steffen. “On Token Signed Graphs.” ArXiv:2403.02924, 2024.
C. Dalfó, M. A. Fiol, and E. Steffen, “On token signed graphs,” arXiv:2403.02924. 2024.
Dalfó, C., et al. “On Token Signed Graphs.” ArXiv:2403.02924, 2024.


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