Eye tracking in computing education

T. Busjahn, C. Schulte, B. Sharif, A. Begel, M. Hansen, R. Bednarik, P. Orlov, P. Ihantola, G. Shchekotova, M. Antropova, in: ICER, ACM, 2014, pp. 3–10.

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Busjahn T, Schulte C, Sharif B, et al. Eye tracking in computing education. In: ICER. ACM; 2014:3-10.
Busjahn, T., Schulte, C., Sharif, B., Begel, A., Hansen, M., Bednarik, R., … Antropova, M. (2014). Eye tracking in computing education. In ICER (pp. 3–10). ACM.
@inproceedings{Busjahn_Schulte_Sharif_Begel_Hansen_Bednarik_Orlov_Ihantola_Shchekotova_Antropova_2014, title={Eye tracking in computing education}, booktitle={ICER}, publisher={ACM}, author={Busjahn, Teresa and Schulte, Carsten and Sharif, Bonita and Begel, Andrew and Hansen, Michael and Bednarik, Roman and Orlov, Paul and Ihantola, Petri and Shchekotova, Galina and Antropova, Maria}, year={2014}, pages={3–10} }
Busjahn, Teresa, Carsten Schulte, Bonita Sharif, Andrew Begel, Michael Hansen, Roman Bednarik, Paul Orlov, Petri Ihantola, Galina Shchekotova, and Maria Antropova. “Eye Tracking in Computing Education.” In ICER, 3–10. ACM, 2014.
T. Busjahn et al., “Eye tracking in computing education,” in ICER, 2014, pp. 3–10.
Busjahn, Teresa, et al. “Eye Tracking in Computing Education.” ICER, ACM, 2014, pp. 3–10.


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