Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations

I. Gräßler, P. Scholle, J. Hentze, C. Oleff, in: 15th International Design Conference, 2018, p. S. 325-334.

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Conference Paper
Gräßler, I.; Scholle, P.; Hentze, J.; Oleff, C.
Changing requirements have a broad impact on product development processes. In this paper, a novel approach towards structuring requirements is proposed. Based on a requirements list, interrelations of requirements are assessed semi-automatically by a rule basis. Here, generic interrelations funded on either physical fundamentals or working principles are recorded. By this approach, requirements structure matrices are derived semi-automatically. Combined with selecting critical requirements based on structured criterions, iterations due to changing requirements will be reduced.
Publishing Year
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15th International Design Conference
S. 325-334

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Gräßler I, Scholle P, Hentze J, Oleff C. Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations. In: 15th International Design Conference. Vol 15. ; 2018:S. 325-334. doi:10.21278/idc.2018.0298
Gräßler, I., Scholle, P., Hentze, J., & Oleff, C. (2018). Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations. In 15th International Design Conference (Vol. 15, p. S. 325-334).
@inproceedings{Gräßler_Scholle_Hentze_Oleff_2018, title={Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations}, volume={15}, DOI={10.21278/idc.2018.0298}, booktitle={15th International Design Conference}, author={Gräßler, I. and Scholle, P. and Hentze, J. and Oleff, C.}, year={2018}, pages={S. 325-334} }
Gräßler, I., P. Scholle, J. Hentze, and C. Oleff. “Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations.” In 15th International Design Conference, 15:S. 325-334, 2018.
I. Gräßler, P. Scholle, J. Hentze, and C. Oleff, “Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations,” in 15th International Design Conference, 2018, vol. 15, p. S. 325-334.
Gräßler, I., et al. “Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations.” 15th International Design Conference, vol. 15, 2018, p. S. 325-334, doi:10.21278/idc.2018.0298.


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