Coupled Airy breathers

R. Driben, V.V. Konotop, T. Meier, Optics Letters 39 (2014) 5523–5526.

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Driben, R.; Konotop, V. V.; Meier, TorstenLibreCat
The dynamics of two component-coupled vectorial Airy beams is investigated. In the linear propagation regime, a complete analytic solution describes the breather-like propagation of two components that feature nondiffracting self-accelerating Airy behavior. The superposition of two beams with different input properties opens the possibility of designing more complex nondiffracting propagation scenarios. In the strongly nonlinear regime, the dynamics remain qualitatively robust as is revealed by direct numerical simulations. Because of the Kerr effect, the two beams emit solitonic breathers whose coupling period is compatible with the remaining Airy-like beams. The results of this study are relevant for the description of photonic and plasmonic beams that propagate in coupled planar waveguides, as well as for birefrigent or multiwavelength beams.
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Optics Letters

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Driben R, Konotop VV, Meier T. Coupled Airy breathers. Optics Letters. 2014;39(19):5523-5526. doi:10.1364/ol.39.005523
Driben, R., Konotop, V. V., & Meier, T. (2014). Coupled Airy breathers. Optics Letters, 39(19), 5523–5526.
@article{Driben_Konotop_Meier_2014, title={Coupled Airy breathers}, volume={39}, DOI={10.1364/ol.39.005523}, number={19}, journal={Optics Letters}, author={Driben, R. and Konotop, V. V. and Meier, Torsten}, year={2014}, pages={5523–5526} }
Driben, R., V. V. Konotop, and Torsten Meier. “Coupled Airy Breathers.” Optics Letters 39, no. 19 (2014): 5523–26.
R. Driben, V. V. Konotop, and T. Meier, “Coupled Airy breathers,” Optics Letters, vol. 39, no. 19, pp. 5523–5526, 2014, doi: 10.1364/ol.39.005523.
Driben, R., et al. “Coupled Airy Breathers.” Optics Letters, vol. 39, no. 19, 2014, pp. 5523–26, doi:10.1364/ol.39.005523.


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