Twenty years of learning with the World Wide Web

R. Keil, H. Selke, F. Winkelnkemper, (2014) 51–60.

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Conference Paper | Published | English
Trahasch, Stephan; Pl {\ "o} tzner, Rolf; Schneider, Gerhard; Gayer, Claudia; Sassiat, Daniel; W {\ "o} hrle, Nicole
n the summer of 1994, courses at universities were supported for the first time through the use of the World Wide Web. With the introduction of this new technology, high expectations quickly arose that the established forms of teaching and learning in schools and universities would be replaced and that the institutions themselves might even prove to be superfluous. Twenty years later, it turns out that there is a great gap between hope and reality. Some of the ideas at the time that, for example, having access to the world's knowledge at any time would make textbooks superfluous, turned out to be naive in retrospect. Characteristic of the ideas at that time was the assumption that didactic and organizational problems of teaching and learning could be solved purely technically.
Publishing Year
Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)

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Keil R, Selke H, Winkelnkemper F. Twenty years of learning with the World Wide Web. Trahasch S, Pl {\ "o} tzner R, Schneider G, Gayer C, Sassiat D, W {\ "o} hrle N, eds. Published online 2014:51–60.
Keil, R., Selke, H., & Winkelnkemper, F. (2014). Twenty years of learning with the World Wide Web (S. Trahasch, R. Pl {\ "o} tzner, G. Schneider, C. Gayer, D. Sassiat, & N. W {\ "o} hrle, Eds.; pp. 51–60).
@article{Keil_Selke_Winkelnkemper_2014, series={Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)}, title={Twenty years of learning with the World Wide Web}, author={Keil, Reinhard and Selke, Harald and Winkelnkemper, Felix}, editor={Trahasch, Stephan and Pl {\ "o} tzner, Rolf and Schneider, Gerhard and Gayer, Claudia and Sassiat, Daniel and W {\ "o} hrle, Nicole}, year={2014}, pages={51–60}, collection={Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)} }
Keil, Reinhard, Harald Selke, and Felix Winkelnkemper. “Twenty Years of Learning with the World Wide Web.” Edited by Stephan Trahasch, Rolf Pl {\ "o} tzner, Gerhard Schneider, Claudia Gayer, Daniel Sassiat, and Nicole W {\ "o} hrle. Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), 2014.
R. Keil, H. Selke, and F. Winkelnkemper, “Twenty years of learning with the World Wide Web.” pp. 51–60, 2014.
Keil, Reinhard, et al. Twenty Years of Learning with the World Wide Web. Edited by Stephan Trahasch et al., 2014, pp. 51–60.


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