Learning scenarios for school 2.0

M. Jakoblew, D. Niehus, H. Selke, in: N. Apostolopoulos, U. Mu {\ ss } mann, W. Coy, Andreas Schwill (Eds.), Waxmann Verlag, M {\ "u} nster, 2012, pp. 281–297.

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Jakoblew, Marcel; Niehus, Dominik ; Selke, HaraldLibreCat
Apostolopoulos, Nicolas; Mu {\ ss } mann, Ulrike; Coy, Wolfgang; Schwill, Andreas
In order to support everyday school life, the educational platform "Education in Dialogue" was developed and continuously improved over a period of more than ten years in an evolutionary process with user participation. The aim of this article is to show how sustainable support can be achieved by not focusing on the basic possibilities of network-based work, but using everyday practice as a starting point. In order to decide how the school assignment can be optimally supported in a specific embodiment, we develop »learning scenarios«. Based on a didactic approach, a technical concept and a usage guide are designed.
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Jakoblew M, Niehus D, Selke H. Learning scenarios for school 2.0. In: Apostolopoulos N, Mu {\ ss } mann U, Coy W, Schwill Andreas, eds. Waxmann Verlag, M {\ "u} nster; 2012:281-297.
Jakoblew, M., Niehus, D., & Selke, H. (2012). Learning scenarios for school 2.0 (N. Apostolopoulos, U. Mu {\ ss } mann, W. Coy, & Andreas Schwill, Eds.; pp. 281–297). Waxmann Verlag, M {\ "u} nster.
@inproceedings{Jakoblew_ Niehus_Selke_2012, title={Learning scenarios for school 2.0}, publisher={Waxmann Verlag, M {\ "u} nster}, author={Jakoblew, Marcel and Niehus, Dominik and Selke, Harald}, editor={Apostolopoulos, Nicolas and Mu {\ ss } mann, Ulrike and Coy, Wolfgang and Schwill, Andreas}, year={2012}, pages={281–297} }
Jakoblew, Marcel, Dominik Niehus, and Harald Selke. “Learning Scenarios for School 2.0.” edited by Nicolas Apostolopoulos, Ulrike Mu {\ ss } mann, Wolfgang Coy, and Andreas Schwill, 281–97. Waxmann Verlag, M {\ "u} nster, 2012.
M. Jakoblew, D. Niehus, and H. Selke, “Learning scenarios for school 2.0,” 2012, pp. 281–297.
Jakoblew, Marcel, et al. Learning Scenarios for School 2.0. Edited by Nicolas Apostolopoulos et al., Waxmann Verlag, M {\ "u} nster, 2012, pp. 281–97.


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