Hot Spinning of Cutting Blades for Food Industry

D. Engemann, W. Homberg, in: Braga - Portugal, n.d.

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Conference Paper | Accepted | English
Engemann, DavidLibreCat; Homberg, Werner
The spinning process is a flexible incremental forming process for the manufacturing of axially-symmetric sheet metal or tubular components with functionally graded properties. It is characterized by the utilization of universal tooling geometries and quite low forming forces. The process has a high potential to reduce material waste, to extend the forming limits and to achieve more complex geometries as well as favorable part properties [1]. Current research work at the Chair of Forming Technology (LUF) is focused on innovative flow-turning processes that have a high potential for producing flat components with excellent geometrical and mechanical properties while keeping process times short [2]. In combination with process-integrated local heat treatment, the new spinning process is predestined for the efficient forming of ultra-high-strength steel or tailored materials. Due to the desired field of food industry only food-safe materials such as special stainless steels are being investigated. This paper presents an innovative machine layout as well as an adequate process design for the production of high-performance circular knives with optimized mechanical hardness. In this context, particular attention is paid to various areas of temperature control as well as process-related challenges during the process.
Publishing Year
Esaform 2022
Conference Location
Braga - Portugal
Conference Date
26.04.2022 – 29.04.2022

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Engemann D, Homberg W. Hot Spinning of Cutting Blades for Food Industry.
Engemann, D., & Homberg, W. (n.d.). Hot Spinning of Cutting Blades for Food Industry. Esaform 2022, Braga - Portugal.
@inproceedings{Engemann_Homberg, place={Braga - Portugal}, title={Hot Spinning of Cutting Blades for Food Industry}, author={Engemann, David and Homberg, Werner} }
Engemann, David, and Werner Homberg. “Hot Spinning of Cutting Blades for Food Industry.” Braga - Portugal, n.d.
D. Engemann and W. Homberg, “Hot Spinning of Cutting Blades for Food Industry,” presented at the Esaform 2022, Braga - Portugal.
Engemann, David, and Werner Homberg. Hot Spinning of Cutting Blades for Food Industry.
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