Security Concepts for Agent-Based Systems

G. Lehrenfeld, W. Müller, R. Tellmann, in: Proceedings of SCASE 01, Enschede, Netherlands, 2001.

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Lehrenfeld, Georg; Müller, WolfgangLibreCat; Tellmann, Rainer
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Proceedings of SCASE 01

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Lehrenfeld G, Müller W, Tellmann R. Security Concepts for Agent-Based Systems. In: Proceedings of SCASE 01. ; 2001.
Lehrenfeld, G., Müller, W., & Tellmann, R. (2001). Security Concepts for Agent-Based Systems. Proceedings of SCASE 01.
@inproceedings{Lehrenfeld_Müller_Tellmann_2001, place={Enschede, Netherlands}, title={Security Concepts for Agent-Based Systems}, booktitle={Proceedings of SCASE 01}, author={Lehrenfeld, Georg and Müller, Wolfgang and Tellmann, Rainer}, year={2001} }
Lehrenfeld, Georg, Wolfgang Müller, and Rainer Tellmann. “Security Concepts for Agent-Based Systems.” In Proceedings of SCASE 01. Enschede, Netherlands, 2001.
G. Lehrenfeld, W. Müller, and R. Tellmann, “Security Concepts for Agent-Based Systems,” 2001.
Lehrenfeld, Georg, et al. “Security Concepts for Agent-Based Systems.” Proceedings of SCASE 01, 2001.


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