Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components

J. Grenz, M. Ostermann, K. Käsewieter, F. Cerdas, T. Marten, C. Herrmann, T. Tröster, Sustainability 15 (2023).

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Grenz, Julian; Ostermann, MoritzLibreCat ; Käsewieter, Karoline; Cerdas, Felipe; Marten, ThorstenLibreCat; Herrmann, Christoph; Tröster, ThomasLibreCat
<jats:p>The development of automotive components with reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is needed to reduce overall vehicle emissions. Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) supports this by providing holistic information and improvement potentials regarding eco-efficient products. Key factors influencing LCAs of automotive components, such as material production, will change in the future. First approaches for integrating future scenarios for these key factors into LCE already exist, but they only consider a limited number of parameters and scenarios. This work aims to develop a method that can be practically applied in the industry for integrating prospective LCAs (pLCA) into the LCE of automotive components, considering relevant parameters and consistent scenarios. Therefore, pLCA methods are further developed to investigate the influence of future scenarios on the GHG emissions of automotive components. The practical application is demonstrated for a vehicle component with different design options. This paper shows that different development paths of the foreground and background system can shift the ecological optimum of design alternatives. Therefore, future pathways of relevant parameters must be considered comprehensively to reduce GHG emissions of future vehicles. This work contributes to the methodological and practical integration of pLCA into automotive development processes and provides quantitative results.</jats:p>
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Grenz J, Ostermann M, Käsewieter K, et al. Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components. Sustainability. 2023;15(13). doi:10.3390/su151310041
Grenz, J., Ostermann, M., Käsewieter, K., Cerdas, F., Marten, T., Herrmann, C., & Tröster, T. (2023). Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components. Sustainability, 15(13), Article 10041.
@article{Grenz_Ostermann_Käsewieter_Cerdas_Marten_Herrmann_Tröster_2023, title={Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components}, volume={15}, DOI={10.3390/su151310041}, number={1310041}, journal={Sustainability}, publisher={MDPI AG}, author={Grenz, Julian and Ostermann, Moritz and Käsewieter, Karoline and Cerdas, Felipe and Marten, Thorsten and Herrmann, Christoph and Tröster, Thomas}, year={2023} }
Grenz, Julian, Moritz Ostermann, Karoline Käsewieter, Felipe Cerdas, Thorsten Marten, Christoph Herrmann, and Thomas Tröster. “Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components.” Sustainability 15, no. 13 (2023).
J. Grenz et al., “Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components,” Sustainability, vol. 15, no. 13, Art. no. 10041, 2023, doi: 10.3390/su151310041.
Grenz, Julian, et al. “Integrating Prospective LCA in the Development of Automotive Components.” Sustainability, vol. 15, no. 13, 10041, MDPI AG, 2023, doi:10.3390/su151310041.
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