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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 21819
@article{Klus_Nüske_Hamzi_2020, title={Kernel-Based Approximation of the Koopman Generator and Schrödinger Operator}, DOI={10.3390/e22070722}, number={722}, journal={Entropy}, author={Klus, Stefan and Nüske, Feliks and Hamzi, Boumediene}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20892
@article{Bürger_Riedl_Lindner_2020, title={Influence of lens aberrations, specimen thickness and tilt on differential phase contrast STEM images}, DOI={10.1016/j.ultramic.2020.113118}, number={113118}, journal={Ultramicroscopy}, author={Bürger, Julius and Riedl, Thomas and Lindner, Jörg K.N.}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22235
@article{Li_Ji_Lü_Rodin_Paradies_Yin_Kuckling_2020, title={Dually Crosslinked Supramolecular Hydrogel for Cancer Biomarker Sensing}, DOI={10.1021/acsami.0c08722}, journal={ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces}, author={Li, Jie and Ji, Chendong and Lü, Baozhong and Rodin, Maksim and Paradies, Jan and Yin, Meizhen and Kuckling, Dirk}, year={2020}, pages={36873–36881} }
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2020 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 20316
@inproceedings{Krüger_Schmolke_Merdivan_Spohr_Urban_Meschut_2020, title={Concept Development for a Functional Integrated Lightweight Battery Housing with Special Consideration of the Joining Technology}, author={Krüger, Christopher and Schmolke, Tobias and Merdivan, David and Spohr, Sebastian and Urban, Peter and Meschut, Gerson}, year={2020} }

2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22266
@article{Grabo_Staggenborg_Philippi_Kenig_2020, title={Modeling and Optimization of Rectangular Latent Heat Storage Elements in an Air-Guided Heat Storage System}, volume={8}, DOI={10.3389/fenrg.2020.571787}, number={571787}, journal={Frontiers in Energy Research}, author={Grabo, Matti and Staggenborg, Christoph and Philippi, Kai Alexander and Kenig, Eugeny}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 20501
@article{Rosenthal_Lindner_Gerstmann_Meier_Schmidt_Wilhelm_2020, title={A photoredox catalysed Heck reaction via hole transfer from a Ru(II)-bis(terpyridine) complex to graphene oxide }, volume={10}, DOI={10.1039/d0ra08749a}, number={42930–42937}, journal={Royal Society of Chemistry }, author={Rosenthal, Marta and Lindner, Jörg K N and Gerstmann, Uwe and Meier, Armin and Schmidt, W Gero and Wilhelm, René}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 22470
@inbook{Schmidt_Dietrich_Mindt_2020, title={Viele Wege führen nach Rom - Möglichkeiten und Modelle des Inverted-Classroom-Modells aus interdisziplinärer Sicht}, DOI={10.17185/duepublico/73330}, booktitle={Digitale Innovationen und Kompetenzen in der Lehramtsausbildung}, author={Schmidt, Rebekka and Dietrich, Nico and Mindt, Ilka}, editor={Beißwenger, MichaelEditor}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Dissertation | LibreCat-ID: 22499
@book{Hübner_2020, title={Beitrag zur Bewertung der funktionalen Sicherheit von Federkraftbremsen}, publisher={Shaker Verlag GmbH}, author={Hübner, Christoph}, year={2020} }

2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22646
@article{Xin_Martinez Rivadeneira_Grundmeier_Castro_Keller_2020, title={Self-assembly of highly ordered DNA origami lattices at solid-liquid interfaces by controlling cation binding and exchange}, volume={13}, DOI={10.1007/s12274-020-2985-4}, journal={Nano Research}, author={Xin, Yang and Martinez Rivadeneira, Salvador and Grundmeier, Guido and Castro, Mario and Keller, Adrian}, year={2020}, pages={3142–3150} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22684
@article{Huang_Suma_Cui_Grundmeier_Carnevale_Zhang_Kielar_Keller_2020, title={Arranging Small Molecules with Subnanometer Precision on DNA Origami Substrates for the Single‐Molecule Investigation of Protein–Ligand Interactions}, volume={1}, DOI={10.1002/sstr.202000038}, journal={Small Structures}, author={Huang, Jingyuan and Suma, Antonio and Cui, Meiying and Grundmeier, Guido and Carnevale, Vincenzo and Zhang, Yixin and Kielar, Charlotte and Keller, Adrian}, year={2020}, pages={2000038} }
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2020 | Dissertation | LibreCat-ID: 22689
@book{Meinderink_2020, title={Molecular adhesion science and engineering of nanostructured poly(acrylic acid)/metal oxide interfaces}, DOI={10.17619/UNIPB/1-1087}, author={Meinderink, Dennis}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22696
@article{Grothe_Knust_Meinderink_Voigt_Orive_Grundmeier_2020, title={Spray pyrolysis of thin adhesion-promoting ZnO films on ZnMgAl coated steel}, DOI={10.1016/j.surfcoat.2020.125869}, number={125869}, journal={Surface and Coatings Technology}, author={Grothe, R. and Knust, S. and Meinderink, Dennis and Voigt, M. and Orive, A. González and Grundmeier, Guido}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22711
@article{Stoeckmann_2020, title={Recalculating Gravity: A Correction of Bergstrand’s 1985 Frictionless Case}, volume={17}, number={2}, journal={Econ Journal Watch}, publisher={Fraser Institute}, author={Stoeckmann, Nico}, year={2020}, pages={333} }

2020 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 20518
@inproceedings{Koch_Dziwok_Holtmann_Bodden_2020, title={Scenario-based Specification of Security Protocols and Transformation to Security Model Checkers}, DOI={10.1145/3365438.3410946}, booktitle={ACM/IEEE 23rd International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS ’20)}, publisher={ACM}, author={Koch, Thorsten and Dziwok, Stefan and Holtmann, Jörg and Bodden, Eric}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22824
@article{Hermanns_Boeddeker_Bracht_Bibinov_Grundmeier_Awakowicz_2020, title={Investigation of the frequency dependent spatio-temporal dynamics and controllability of microdischarges in unipolar pulsed plasma electrolytic oxidation}, DOI={10.1088/1361-6463/abbde4}, number={045205}, journal={Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics}, author={Hermanns, Patrick and Boeddeker, Simon and Bracht, Vera and Bibinov, Nikita and Grundmeier, Guido and Awakowicz, Peter}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22829
@article{Schneider_Kremmer_Voigt_Grundmeier_2020, title={Investigation of the passive layer on a solid-state sintered silicon carbide ceramic formed in sulfuric acid}, DOI={10.1016/j.corsci.2020.108690}, number={108690}, journal={Corrosion Science}, author={Schneider, M. and Kremmer, K. and Voigt, M. and Grundmeier, Guido}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 23377
@inbook{Piskachev_Petrasch_Späth_Bodden_2020, place={Cham}, title={AuthCheck: Program-State Analysis for Access-Control Vulnerabilities}, DOI={10.1007/978-3-030-54997-8_34}, booktitle={Lecture Notes in Computer Science}, author={Piskachev, Goran and Petrasch, Tobias and Späth, Johannes and Bodden, Eric}, year={2020} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 22963
@article{Biemelt_Gausemeier_Trächtler_2020, title={Design and Objective Evaluation of Filter- and Optimization-based Motion Cueing Strategies for a Hybrid Kinematics Driving Simulator with 5 Degrees of Freedom}, volume={13}, number={3 & 4}, journal={International Journal On Advances in Systems and Measurements}, author={Biemelt, Patrick and Gausemeier, Sandra and Trächtler, Ansgar}, year={2020}, pages={203–219} }

2020 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 23505
@inproceedings{Gräßler_Preuß_Oleff_2020, title={Automatisierte Identifikation und Charakterisierung von Anforderungsabhängigkeiten – Literaturstudie zum Vergleich von Lösungsansätzen}, DOI={10.35199/dfx2020.21}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 31st Symposium Design for X (DFX2020); 16. - 18. Sep. 2020}, author={Gräßler, Iris and Preuß, Daniel and Oleff, Christian}, editor={Krause, Dieter and Paetzold, Kristin and Wartzack, Sandro and Design SocietyEditors}, year={2020}, pages={199–208} }
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2020 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 23529
@article{Gräßler_Oleff_Scholle_2020, title={Method for Systematic Assessment of Requirement Change Risk in Industrial Practice}, journal={Applied Sciences 23/2020 (23)}, author={Gräßler, Iris and Oleff, Christian and Scholle, Philipp}, year={2020}, pages={8697} }


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