Funnel control via funnel pre-compensator

L.J. Lanza, (n.d.).

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We study output reference tracking of systems with high relative degree via output feedback only; this is, tracking where the output derivatives are unknown. To this end, we prove that the conjunction of the funnel pre-compensator with a minimum phase system of arbitrary relative degree yields a system of the same relative degree which is minimum phase as well. The error between the original system's output and the pre-compensator's output evolves within a prescribed performance funnel; and moreover, the derivatives of the funnel pre-compensator's output are known explicitly. Therefore, output reference tracking with prescribed transient behavior of the tracking error is possible without knowledge of the derivatives of the original system's output; via funnel control schemes for instance.
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Lanza LJ. Funnel control via funnel pre-compensator.
Lanza, L. J. (n.d.). Funnel control via funnel pre-compensator.
@article{Lanza, title={Funnel control via funnel pre-compensator}, author={Lanza, Lukas Johannes} }
Lanza, Lukas Johannes. “Funnel Control via Funnel Pre-Compensator,” n.d.
L. J. Lanza, “Funnel control via funnel pre-compensator.” .
Lanza, Lukas Johannes. Funnel Control via Funnel Pre-Compensator.
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