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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 7328
@article{Piegdon_Lexow_Grundmeier_Kitzerow_Pärschke_Mergel_Reuter_Wieck_Meier_2012, title={All-optical tunability of microdisk lasers via photo-adressable polyelectrolyte functionalization}, volume={20}, DOI={10.1364/oe.20.006060}, number={66060}, journal={Optics Express}, publisher={The Optical Society}, author={Piegdon, K. A. and Lexow, M. and Grundmeier, G. and Kitzerow, H.-S. and Pärschke, K. and Mergel, D. and Reuter, Dirk and Wieck, A. D. and Meier, C.}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 7330
@article{Chen_Wang_Klochan_Micolich_Das Gupta_Sfigakis_Ritchie_Reuter_Wieck_Hamilton_2012, title={Fabrication and characterization of ambipolar devices on an undoped AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure}, volume={100}, DOI={10.1063/1.3673837}, number={5052101}, journal={Applied Physics Letters}, publisher={AIP Publishing}, author={Chen, J. C. H. and Wang, D. Q. and Klochan, O. and Micolich, A. P. and Das Gupta, K. and Sfigakis, F. and Ritchie, D. A. and Reuter, Dirk and Wieck, A. D. and Hamilton, A. R.}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 7342
@article{Chernilovskaya_Gehrke_van Rooijen_2012, title={Generalized Kripke semantics for the Lambek-Grishin calculus}, volume={20}, DOI={10.1093/jigpal/jzr051}, number={6}, journal={Logic Journal of IGPL}, publisher={Oxford University Press (OUP)}, author={Chernilovskaya, Anna and Gehrke, Mai and van Rooijen, Lorijn}, year={2012}, pages={1110–1132} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 782
@article{Biermann_Scalia_Choi_Karl_Kellerer_2012, title={CoMP clustering and backhaul limitations in cooperative cellular mobile access networks}, DOI={10.1016/j.pmcj.2012.03.005}, number={5}, journal={Pervasive and Mobile Computing}, author={Biermann, Thorsten and Scalia, Luca and Choi, Changsoon and Karl, Holger and Kellerer, Wolfgang}, year={2012}, pages={662--681} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 787
@inproceedings{Dräxler_Karl_2012, title={Efficiency of On-Path and Off-Path Caching Strategies in Information Centric Networks}, DOI={10.1109/GreenCom.2012.82}, booktitle={2012 IEEE International Conference on Green Computing and Communications, Conference on Internet of Things, and Conference on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing, GreenCom/iThings/CPSCom 2012, Besancon, France, November 20-23, 2012}, author={Dräxler, Martin and Karl, Holger}, year={2012}, pages={581--587} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 7739
@inproceedings{Eggert_Garnefeld_Steinhoff_2012, title={The Bright and Dark Side of Endowed Status in Hierarchical Loyalty Programs}, booktitle={2012 AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Proceedings}, author={Eggert, A and Garnefeld, I and Steinhoff, L}, year={2012} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 7741
@inproceedings{Eggert_Steiner_Ulaga_Backhaus_2012, title={Capturing the Value of Hybrid Offerings: The Impact of the Price Presentation Format}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 2012 ISBM Academic Workshop}, author={Eggert, A and Steiner, M and Ulaga, W and Backhaus, K}, year={2012} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 8174
@article{Gharibian_2012, title={Quantifying nonclassicality with local unitary operations}, volume={86}, DOI={10.1103/PhysRevA.86.042106}, journal={Physical Review A}, publisher={American Physical Society}, author={Gharibian, Sevag}, year={2012}, pages={042106} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 8477
@inproceedings{Geisen _Luckey _Engels_2012, title={Ein Ansatz zur dynamischen Qualitätsmessung,  -bewertung und Anpassung von Software Engineering Methoden}, booktitle={Proceedings of 19. GI-WIVM Workshop: Qualitätsmanagement und Vorgehensmodelle}, publisher={Shaker Verlag}, author={Geisen , Silke and Luckey , Markus and Engels, Gregor}, year={2012}, pages={111–120} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 8484
@inproceedings{Geisen_2012, title={Ein Ansatz zur Anpassung von Software Engineering Methoden im laufenden Projekt}, volume={Report 01/12}, booktitle={Proceedings of Software Engineering 2012 (SE 2012) - Doktorandensymposium}, publisher={Petra Hofstedt, Claus Lewerentz (BTU Cottbus)}, author={Geisen, Silke }, year={2012}, pages={7–12} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 9785
@inproceedings{Isobe_Ageba_Maeda_Bornmann_Hemsel_Morita_2012, title={Synthesis of piezoelectric materials by ultrasonic assisted hydrothermal method}, volume={1433}, DOI={10.1063/1.3703251}, number={1}, booktitle={AIP Conference Proceedings}, publisher={AIP}, author={Isobe, Gaku and Ageba, Ryo and Maeda, Takafumi and Bornmann, Peter and Hemsel, Tobias and Morita, Takeshi}, editor={B. J. Linde, Bogumil and Paczkowski, Jacek and Ponikwicki, NikodemEditors}, year={2012}, pages={569–572} }
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2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 9588
@inbook{Beutner_Frehe_Gebbe_Gockel_Kremer_Zoyke_2012, place={Paderborn}, title={Vorstellung von vier Instrumenten zur Individuellen Förderung}, booktitle={Individuelle Förderung und berufliche Orientierung im berufsschulischen Übergangssystem. Ergebnisse aus dem Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekt InLab}, author={Beutner, Marc and Frehe, Petra and Gebbe, M and Gockel, C and Kremer, H.-Hugo and Zoyke, A}, editor={Kremer, H.-H and Beutner, M and Zoyke, AEditors}, year={2012}, pages={109–149} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 17123
@article{von Lucke_Herzberg_Kluge_vom Brocke_Müller_Zimmermann_2012, title={Open Societal Innovation: The Alemannic Definition}, DOI={10.2139/ssrn.2195435}, journal={SSRN Electronic Journal}, author={von Lucke, Jörn and Herzberg, Johann and Kluge, Ulrike and vom Brocke, Jan and Müller, Oliver and Zimmermann, Hans-Dieter}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 17623
@inbook{Peckhaus_2012, place={Basel et. al.}, series={Publications of the Henri Poincaré Archives}, title={The Reception of Leibniz’s Logic in 19th Century German Philosophy}, booktitle={New Essays on Leibniz Reception in Science and Philosophy of Science 1800–2000}, publisher={Birkhäuser}, author={Peckhaus, Volker}, editor={Krömer, Ralf and Chin-Drian, YannickEditors}, year={2012}, pages={13–24}, collection={Publications of the Henri Poincaré Archives} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 10173
@article{Mkrtchyan_Steffen_2012, title={Measures of edge-uncolorability}, volume={312}, journal={Discrete Mathematics}, author={Mkrtchyan, Vahan and Steffen, Eckhard}, year={2012}, pages={476–478} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 10685
@article{Kaufmann_Glette_Platzner_Torresen_2012, title={Compensating Resource Fluctuations by Means of Evolvable Hardware: The Run-Time Reconfigurable Functional Unit Row Classifier Architecture}, volume={3}, DOI={10.4018/jaras.2012100102}, number={4}, journal={International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems (IJARAS)}, publisher={IGI Global}, author={Kaufmann, Paul and Glette, Kyrre and Platzner, Marco and Torresen, Jim}, year={2012}, pages={17–31} }
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2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 1129
@inbook{Geierhos_Ebrahim_2012, place={London, UK}, title={Customer Interaction Management goes Social: Getting Business Processes plugged in Social Networks}, DOI={10.1007/978-1-4471-4048-1_15}, booktitle={Computational Social Networks: Tools, Perspectives and Applications}, publisher={Springer}, author={Geierhos, Michaela and Ebrahim, Mohamed}, editor={Abraham, Ajith and Hassanien, Aboul-Ella Editors}, year={2012}, pages={367–389} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 11741
@inproceedings{Chinaev_Haeb-Umbach_2012, title={Quality Analysis and Optimization of the MAP-based Noise Power Spectral Density Tracker}, booktitle={Speech Communication; 10. ITG Symposium; Proceedings.}, author={Chinaev, Aleksej and Haeb-Umbach, Reinhold}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13331
@inproceedings{Hillmann_Trier_2012, place={United States}, title={Dissemination Patterns and Associated Network Effects of Sentiments in Social Networks}, booktitle={Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining}, publisher={IEEE}, author={Hillmann, Robert and Trier, Matthias}, year={2012}, pages={510–515} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13191
@inproceedings{Cheng_Hüllermeier_2012, title={Probability estimation for mulit-class classification based on label ranking}, booktitle={Proceedings ECML/PKDD-2012, European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Bristol, UK}, author={Cheng, W. and Hüllermeier, Eyke}, year={2012} }

2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 12895
@inbook{Beutner_Pechuel_2012, place={Albstedt}, title={mLearning. Akzeptanz von Mobile Learning. Chancen und Probleme in der betrieblichen Bildung}, booktitle={Jahrbuch eLearning und Wissensmanagement 2013. Die Zukunft der Bildung und die Rolle der digitalen Medien}, publisher={Siepmann Media}, author={Beutner, Marc and Pechuel, R.}, editor={Siepmann, F and Müller, PEditors}, year={2012}, pages={30–34} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 11998
@inproceedings{Eckhoff_Sommer_German_Dressler_2012, title={Cooperative Awareness at Low Vehicle Densities: How Parked Cars Can Help See through Buildings}, DOI={10.1109/glocom.2011.6134402}, booktitle={2011 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference - GLOBECOM 2011}, author={Eckhoff, D. and Sommer, Christoph and German, R. and Dressler, F.}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 12023
@article{Joerer_Sommer_Dressler_2012, title={Toward reproducibility and comparability of IVC simulation studies: a literature survey}, DOI={10.1109/mcom.2012.6316780}, journal={IEEE Communications Magazine}, author={Joerer, Stefan and Sommer, Christoph and Dressler, Falko}, year={2012}, pages={82–88} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13886
@article{Rautenberg_Bause_Henning_2012, title={Geführte akustische Wellen zur Flüssigkeitscharakterisierung}, DOI={10.1524/teme.2012.0176}, journal={tm - Technisches Messen}, author={Rautenberg, Jens and Bause, Fabian and Henning, Bernd}, year={2012}, pages={135–142} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13538
@article{Riefer_Sanna_Schmidt_2012, title={Polarization-dependent methanol adsorption on lithium niobate Z-cut surfaces}, volume={86}, DOI={10.1103/physrevb.86.125410}, number={12}, journal={Physical Review B}, author={Riefer, A. and Sanna, S. and Schmidt, Wolf Gero}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 13545
@article{Landmann_Rauls_Schmidt_2012, title={The electronic structure and optical response of rutile, anatase and brookite TiO2}, volume={24}, DOI={10.1088/0953-8984/24/19/195503}, number={195503}, journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter}, author={Landmann, M and Rauls, E and Schmidt, Wolf Gero}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 13963
@inproceedings{Bause_Budde_Rautenberg_Henning_Moritzer_2012, title={Korrelation hochfrequenter und quasistatischer Materialkenngrössen zur Charakterisierung verschiedener Alterungsstadien von Polyamid 6}, author={Bause, Fabian and Budde, Christopher and Rautenberg, Jens and Henning, Bernd and Moritzer, Elmar}, year={2012} }

2012 | Misc | LibreCat-ID: 13999
@book{Bause_Rautenberg_Henning_2012, title={Sensitivity study of signal characteristics for an inverse waveguide based approach of material characterization}, author={Bause, Fabian and Rautenberg, Jens and Henning, Bernd}, year={2012} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 14000
@inproceedings{Hoof_Schlottmann_Wetzlar_Henning_2012, title={Konzepte zur Regelung der Strahlungsleistung pulsbetriebener IR-Emitter}, booktitle={16. GMA/ITG-Fachtagung. Sensoren und Messsysteme}, author={Hoof, Christian and Schlottmann, J{\ and Wetzlar, Dietmar and Henning, Bernd}, editor={Service GmbH}, AMAEditor}, year={2012}, pages={748–757} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 14005
@inproceedings{Rautenberg_Olfert_Bause_Henning_2012, title={Validation of analytically modeled Leaky Lamb radiation using Schlieren photography}, author={Rautenberg, Jens and Olfert, Sergei and Bause, Fabian and Henning, Bernd}, year={2012} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 15522
@article{Hagengruber_2012, title={Die Kreativität von Frauen und Müttern: Eine gesellschaftspolitische Herausforderung}, volume={1+2}, journal={Konsens}, author={Hagengruber, Ruth}, year={2012}, pages={57–61} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 15096
@inproceedings{Böttcher_Bültmann_Hartel_Schlüßler_2012, title={Fast Insertion and Deletion in Compressed Texts}, DOI={10.1109/dcc.2012.50}, booktitle={2012 Data Compression Conference}, publisher={IEEE}, author={Böttcher, Stefan and Bültmann, Alexander and Hartel, Rita and Schlüßler, Jonathan}, year={2012}, pages={393} }
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2012 | Conference (Editor) | LibreCat-ID: 15279
@book{Domik-Kienegger_Owen_2012, title={Digital media and the beginning designer}, volume={32}, number={2}, publisher={IEEE}, year={2012}, pages={14–21} }

2012 | Book (Editor) | LibreCat-ID: 1643
@book{Schmeisser_Krimphove_Zündorf_Toebe_Hannemann_2012, place={Stuttgart }, title={Finanzierung und Investition}, publisher={UTB}, year={2012} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 16087
@article{Fürnkranz_Hüllermeier_Cheng_Park_2012, title={Preference-based reinforcement learning: A formal framework and a policy iteration algorithm}, volume={89}, number={1}, journal={Machine Learning}, author={Fürnkranz, J. and Hüllermeier, Eyke and Cheng, W. and Park, S.H.}, year={2012}, pages={123–156} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 16094
@article{Senge_Fober_Nasiri_Hüllermeier_2012, title={Fuzzy Pattern Trees: Ein alternativer Ansatz zur Fuzzy-Modellierung}, volume={60}, number={10}, journal={At-Atomatisierungstechnik}, author={Senge, Robin and Fober, T. and Nasiri, N. and Hüllermeier, Eyke}, year={2012}, pages={622–629} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 15983
@article{Lauter_Werneke_Siewers_Tröster_2012, title={Endkonturennahe Fertigung von höchstfesten Hybridbauteilen}, DOI={10.1365/s35725-012-0079-2}, journal={Lightweight Design}, author={Lauter, Christian and Werneke, Simon and Siewers, Bernd and Tröster, Thomas}, year={2012}, pages={53–58} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 15988
@inproceedings{Lauter_Sarrazin_Tröster_2012, title={Joining technologies for hybrid materials consisting of sheet metal and carbon fibre reinforced plastics}, author={Lauter, Christian and Sarrazin, M. and Tröster, Thomas}, year={2012} }

2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 2021
@inbook{Krimphove_2012, place={Stuttgart }, title={Kreditfinanzierung durch Kreditsicherheiten; Kapitel 6}, booktitle={Finanzierung und Investition}, publisher={UTB}, author={Krimphove, Dieter}, editor={Schmeisser, Wilhelm and Krimphove, Dieter and Zündorf, Horst and Toebe, Marc and Hannemann, GerfriedEditors}, year={2012}, pages={140 – 179} }

2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 2026
@inbook{Krimphove_Hellweg_2012, place={Frankfurt}, title={Identität und Werberecht}, booktitle={Facteurs d’identité / Faktoren der Identität}, publisher={Peter Lang}, author={Krimphove, Dieter and Hellweg, Alexa}, editor={Langenbacher-Liebgott, Jutta and Avon, DominiqueEditors}, year={2012}, pages={325 – 353} }

2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 16929
@inproceedings{Domik-Kienegger_2012, title={Faculty Submitted Student Work at Siggraph 2012}, author={Domik-Kienegger, Gitta}, year={2012} }

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 1713
@article{Liu_Palomba_Park_Zentgraf_Yin_Zhang_2012, title={Compact Magnetic Antennas for Directional Excitation of Surface Plasmons}, volume={12}, DOI={10.1021/nl302339z}, number={9}, journal={Nano Letters}, publisher={American Chemical Society (ACS)}, author={Liu, Yongmin and Palomba, Stefano and Park, Yongshik and Zentgraf, Thomas and Yin, Xiaobo and Zhang, Xiang}, year={2012}, pages={4853–4858} }
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2012 | Conference Paper | LibreCat-ID: 2103
@inproceedings{Wistuba_Schaefers_Platzner_2012, title={Comparison of Bayesian Move Prediction Systems for Computer Go}, DOI={10.1109/CIG.2012.6374143}, booktitle={Proc. IEEE Conf. on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG)}, publisher={IEEE}, author={Wistuba, Martin and Schaefers, Lars and Platzner, Marco}, year={2012}, pages={91–99} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 2108
@article{Schumacher_Plessl_Platzner_2012, title={IMORC: An Infrastructure and Architecture Template for Implementing High-Performance Reconfigurable FPGA Accelerators}, volume={36}, DOI={10.1016/j.micpro.2011.04.002}, number={2}, journal={Microprocessors and Microsystems}, author={Schumacher, Tobias and Plessl, Christian and Platzner, Marco}, year={2012}, pages={110–126} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 1965
@article{Niehörster_Simon_Brinkmann_Keller_Krüger_2012, title={Cost-aware and SLO Fulfilling Software as a Service}, volume={10}, DOI={10.1007/s10723-012-9230-7}, number={3}, journal={Journal of Grid Computing}, author={Niehörster, Oliver and Simon, Jens and Brinkmann, André and Keller, Axel and Krüger, Jens}, year={2012}, pages={553–577} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 2172
@article{Thielemans_Tsoumpas_Mustafovic_Beisel_Aguiar_Dikaios_W Jacobson_2012, title={STIR: Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction Release 2}, volume={57}, DOI={10.1088/0031-9155/57/4/867}, number={4}, journal={Physics in Medicine and Biology}, publisher={IOP Publishing}, author={Thielemans, Kris and Tsoumpas, Charalampos and Mustafovic, Sanida and Beisel, Tobias and Aguiar, Pablo and Dikaios, Nikolaos and W Jacobson, Matthew}, year={2012}, pages={867–883} }
LibreCat | DOI

2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 2177
@article{Grad_Plessl_2012, title={On the Feasibility and Limitations of Just-In-Time Instruction Set Extension for FPGA-based Reconfigurable Processors}, DOI={10.1155/2012/418315}, journal={Int. Journal of Reconfigurable Computing (IJRC)}, publisher={Hindawi Publishing Corp.}, author={Grad, Mariusz and Plessl, Christian}, year={2012} }
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2012 | Book Chapter | LibreCat-ID: 2918
@inbook{Kakvi_Kiltz_May_2012, place={Berlin, Heidelberg}, title={Certifying RSA}, DOI={10.1007/978-3-642-34961-4_25}, booktitle={Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2012}, publisher={Springer Berlin Heidelberg}, author={Kakvi, Saqib and Kiltz, Eike and May, Alexander}, year={2012}, pages={404–414} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 2949
@article{Gries_Bilkic_Pilichowski_2012, title={Stay in school or start working?- The human capital investment decision under uncertainty and irreversibility}, volume={19}, DOI={10.1016/j.labeco.2012.04.005}, number={5}, journal={Labour Economics}, author={Gries, Thomas and Bilkic, Natascha and Pilichowski, Margarethe}, year={2012}, pages={706–717} }
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2012 | Journal Article | LibreCat-ID: 2951
@article{Gries_Meierrieks_2012, title={Economic performance and terrorist activity in Latin America}, volume={23}, DOI={10.1080/10242694.2012.656945}, number={5}, journal={Defence and Peace Economics}, author={Gries, Thomas and Meierrieks, Daniel}, year={2012}, pages={447–470} }
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